DWA – My Second Visit at this Bar to Remember

The first impression that I had about Toronto was that it is a clean and neat city. It is understandable, given the Canadian high standard and discipline. Unfortunately, each time when I went to one of these “too polite and bright” cities, I got disappointed by its nightlife. It is just not as wild as I had expected. Gotta say, Toronto really surprised me in that sense.

The Downtown in Toronto looks really cool…

As expected, the hotel I stayed in was really great. I took a room in Fairmont Royal York, near Union Station. What impressed me the most is the way people treat you. There is just that warmth in them that supersedes your common courtesy. Being that I am from LA, I really didn’t expect that kind of response. Especially in a big city like Toronto.

After a bit of rest, I went outside, to mingle a bit. It was really cool that everything was made out of brick. You can see the history behind it. My first order of business was to get something in my belly. It was a long trip and I was starving. There is this place in center of the city called Beerbistro. Given that I’m a passionate beer drinker, I had to check it out. Love for the pork is one of my biggest vices; there is nothing better for me. Piggy menu, together with nice choice of beers, made me fall in love with this place instantly (see the picture below).

piggy menu
piggy menu for me!!!

After this, I barely could lift a finger. But my time was limited and I wanted to see as much as possible that this city has to offer. A friend told me about a couple of places that I can visit there, such as Nikai, Stirling Room, Troika Vodka Boutique. And that is just what I wanted to see. I was totally interested in night life and lounges. Bartender told me of a bar just around the corner from the restaurant. D. W. Alexander. I decided to give it a shot.

DWA bar at night… overcrowded in there

This place was classy as hell. The building was nothing new, a brick building like lots of them in the center. But the interior was great. A lot of books on the walls, dimmed lights, bull heads on the wall… I was bought. Needless to say that the cocktails were awesome. One of those nights when you want to try everything on the menu.

After a few, had to get out to catch some fresh air. I will definitely visit this place again. The night wasn’t over though. Toronto has a lot of different night clubs, with different themes. Most of them are in the same part of the city, so you always have the option to change your drinking hole if you don’t like your first pick. This time I tried out the Media Bar. Everything here had film theme, lots of different items that you would expect to see only on a movie set. I was too tired to stay for a long time, so I left soon.

Anyway, I would like to recommend Toronto to everyone that likes night life and partying. This trip made such an impact on me that I might make this city my regular destination.

DW Alexander Bar – the Place for Friends

D.W.Alexander barDo you remember that coffee place from the Friends series? Of course, you do, because all of us have a secret desire to have enough time and a suitable place to gather with friends after work and share secrets, problems and happiness with the closest people just like Monica, Rachel, Ross and the rest of our favorite heroes used to do. Well, if you live in Toronto, you can definitely find a similar place and gather with the friends – with no appointment, because it is natural that they will be always there for you – after work, in weekends or during the leisure time. Indeed, bars in Toronto are numerous, but they can be quite pretentious and too noisy for such meetings with friends.

What we recommend you as an option is to choose a lounge. Make sure the place is with a warm and welcoming environment and avoid dress codes and other special conditions to get inside – like invitations or VIP “clauses”. Do you think you can find such a bar in Toronto? Well, even if you cannot think of a single one right away, do not worry. You can still have that pleasant moments with your friends, because we are about to help and guide you. What you have to do is simply go to 19 Church Street in Toronto. And there, you will see it – the place for friends.

Welcome to the DW Alexander Bar. Most people and all of its regular visitors will say it is more of a lounge than a bar, because it has fancy, but not too formal environment, cool music and all of those gangs of friends we were just talking about. None of them will look at you strangely and none of the prices will scare you. DW Alexander Bar is a real heaven for relaxation, sweet chats with your bodies, passionate confessions with your girls and etc. But what is even more important prices here are budget-friendly and the menu is full of surprise. Probably, you will not believe at once, but, here on 19 Church Street in Toronto you can definitely taste an original and delicious cocktail you have never tested before. Besides – since you will be here with your friends (usually after work except for the case your entire gang is full of carefree people with Joey`s lifestyle) after work, you will be thrilled with one more surprise.

DW Alexander Bar has an awesome Happy Hour that lasts from 5 pm till 8 pm. So why don’t you come here with your friends after work and make your days better and funnier? Life is not only the office and household duties, right? We all need some fun, too! So find and have it here at the DW Alexander Bar – the best place for gathering with friends and the most fantastic spot to taste cool and fresh cocktails and drinks at the fraction of the cost. So, are you already going there?

Don’t Miss the Nightlife in Toronto

10612983_450292228451975_2733437324577322263_nTourists in Toronto are blessed to be able to see this amazing, welcoming and outstanding city. Here is where high-quality industry, rich culture and superb nightlife meet and here`s where people feel alive literally! And since we have mentioned the nightlife, we must say it – dear tourists, do not miss the nightlife in Toronto.

We do understand how eager you are for visiting all the significant and impressive landmarks here and we do know that your time is too little to spend part of it in a bar in Toronto. But believe us, it will worth it and you will realize it once you see how much locals can have fun here and how joyful any tourist in Toronto becomes, when he gets immersed in the nightlife here. Bars are numerous and all of them attract your attention with gorgeous interiors, contemporary special programs and shows, as well as with cool and polite staff and what is more important – various good drinks.

Fill your nightlife program in Toronto with a visit in DW Alexander bar, too. This bar represents everything that Toronto’s entertainment and nightlife actually can give you. So in case you are really pressed by time and you can afford only one night out in the city, choose the DW Alexander bar. You can find it downtown – at 19 Church Street – where, several interesting landmarks and attractions in Toronto are located, too. Check them out and then, have a drink at the DW Alexander bar. If you have a choice, when to visit it, then do it between 5 pm and 8 pm. This is when DW Alexander bar has its traditional Happy Hour.

The atmosphere becomes quite social during the Happy Hour. You can get a pint for $6 only or a glass of wine for $7! Moreover – the price for any cocktail during the Happy Hour is reduced to $8. And you have to know that the DW Alexander bar is well-known and popular across the entire City of Toronto that it has a very rich cocktail menu. Classic cocktails are listed for traditionalists, but since you are on a vacation, better try something new – a cocktail from the special selection of the House Cocktails in DW Alexander bar! These and many more surprises are waiting for you in both – in the DW Alexander bar, particularly, and in nightlife in Toronto! Do not skip it, but make it a part of your vacation in the city! We guarantee that you will just love it and get inspired for another Toronto visit very soon. No one can resist this city and no one can resist the amazing nightlife here. Feel it yourself and experience it in DW Alexander bar at the 19 Church Street!